Department of Biostatistics and Medical Demography


To improve public health practice/policies/research by development high level statistical thinking and skills.


The mission of the Department of Biostatistics is to develop the future generation of leader in health sector who are competent with designing and analytic skills and scientific and critical thinking skills, by training them with the statistical reasoning, appropriate use of data and statistics methods in health care activities such as planning, implementation and evaluation with the application of principle and methods of demography, vital statistics, disease burden measurements and application of computer statistical packages , by conducting research, and by participating in the activities of disease prevention and control.



Competencies for MPH / MHA in Biostatistics and Medical Demography


  • Explain the role and importance of biostatistics in public health research and practice
  • Generate appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize public health data
  • Describe basic concepts of probability, random variation and commonly used statistical probability distributions
  • Carry out and present results from basic statistical analyses of data relating to importance health problems
  • Summarize and present data and scientifically draw inferences from sampled data
  • Develop research question, select appropriate outcome variables to address important health problems
  • Evaluate the methodological strength of published public health research papers on the basis of the appropriateness of statistical methods, internal validity, and the extent to which the results can be generalized.
  • Distinguish among the different measurement scales and the implications for selection of statistical methods to be used based on these distinctions
  • Prepare and interpret data from vital statistics, census, surveys, service utilization, and other relevant special reports
  • Operate life table and population projection
  • Apply SPSS package in statistical analysis