Department of Health Policy and Management

Departmental Vision

Development of health future by increasing the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of health services to all populations.


The mission of the department is to develop the leaders in health sector, by educating economic aspects of health, public health laws and regulation, health management and policy, by conducting health systems research, and by participating in the activities of public health and hospital management.

NoDegreeCourse offered
1.Master of Public Health (MPH)Health Policy and Management    
2.Master of Hospital Administration (MHA)Hospital Administration   Public Health Management
3.PhD (Public Health)Health Policy and Management    

Core topics for both MPH (Health Policy and Management subject) and MHA (Health Management subject) courses

1.Health Systems and Health Systems Strengthening
– Leadership and Governance
– Financing
– Human Resource Management
– Health Information System Management
– Supply Chain Management
– Health Systems Performance and Goals
– Health Systems Strengthening and Resilience
– Globalization and Health
2.Management Principles
– Organizing
– Staffing
– Directing and Leading
– Controlling
– Planning Approaches and General Principles
– Situation Analysis and Objective Setting
– Costing and Option Appraisal
– Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation
– Myanmar National Health Planning
4.Quality Management
– Quality assurance
– Continuous Quality Management
– Accreditation
5.Organizational Behaviour Management
– Conflict and Negotiation
– TeamworkMotivation
6.Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
– Definition of UHC
– Benefit packageEquity
7.Health Policy
– Health Policy Triangle, Cycle and Development
– Health Policy Analysis
– Myanmar Health Related Laws
– Public Health Ethics
– Social Protection

Core topics for MHA course (Hospital Management subject)

1.Hospital Administration and Management
– Hospital Information System (Medical Record and Hospital Statistics)
– Hospital Design
РWater Supply and Environmental Management 
– Health care Waste Management
– Health care leadership online course
2.Management of Hospital Departments
– Patient Friendly Hospital
– Management of OPD including Reception unit
– Management of Mortuary
– Management of Medical Record Department and Medical Documentation
– Pharmacy Management
– Mass Casualty Management, Management of Emergency Department
– Quality Management of HDU, ICU and OT
– Management of In-patient Wards
– Management of catering service and hospital diet
– Hospital engineering services and medical equipment management
3.Management of Supportive Departments
– Management of Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine
– Radiology for Hospital Administrators
– Quality Management of Laboratory and Radiology
4.Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Care
5.Quality Management of Hospital
– Hospital Accreditation (Visit to Private Hospital)
– Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance in Hospital (Visit to Victoria Hospital)
– Medical Audit
6.Patient Safety Management and Patient Satisfaction
– Patient safety measures
– Medication safety
– CSSD, Infection Control and Hospital Acquired Infection
– Risk Management in Health Care
– Patient Satisfaction
– Public Relation
7.Medical Legal Problems and Ethical Problems related to Hospital Administrators
8.Health Promoting Hospital