Department of Medical Education Science and Information Communication Technology


  • MPH
  • Med. Education Diploma

Emphasis on following area

  • Educational psychology and Educational theories
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Educational objectives and domains of learning
  • Teaching learning methods & media
  • Educational assessment & evaluation
  • Educational changes
  • Educational research
  • Information technology

MPH Courses

  • Vision
    To encourage innovation and maintenance of high standards in all phases of medical and health care education.
  • Mission                                                                                                                                                                    To provide trainers of health professionals with basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary  to become effective trainers in their respective field
  • Aim
    To develop an idea of lifelong learning for teachers/ doctors who would like to extend their professional understanding in the field of medical education and information technology which plays a crucial role in the context of global medical and educational changes for sustainable development of entire nation.
  • Core Competencies for Medical Education Science and Information Communication Technology                       After successful completion of the course, the students will be able to:
  • apply appropriate educational theories in diverse teaching/learning context
  • motivate the unmotivated learners
  • analyze different types of curriculum design for  training of health care professional
  • formulate different levels of educational objectives for desired learning outcomes
  • use appropriate teaching methods which can encourage active learning process
  • use teaching aids/ media  effectively and appropriately for any training programme
  • select appropriate methods of student assessment to meet the desired  competencies  for different categories of health professional
  • explain use ICT in health services
  • Assessment
  • 10% will be given for observatory class.
  • 40% will be given for group presentations.
  • 50% will be given for written individual assignments.

Med. Education Diploma course

  • Vision
    To provide teachers of health professionals with the basic knowledge, skill and attitudes necessary to make them more effective teachers and mentors in their institutions
  • Aim
    To raise the teaching skills of all teachers from Universities under the Ministry of health
  • Objectives
    After successful completion of the Med. Education Diploma course, the candidate                 
  • Have a sound knowledge of all components of the education process
  • Be able to draw specified curriculum
  • Be able to select appropriate teaching/learning techniques for a stated objective
  • Be able to develop valid assessment procedures
  • Be able to conduct basic educational research
  • Advocate and use educational science principles and techniques in day to day work
  • Qualification of applicants

All teachers and interested staff from the Universities under Ministry of health with a basic university level degree and with two years work experiences will eligible to apply the course

  • Duration of course

Nine months