Department of Nutrition and Food Safety


  • To get a public health society with better understanding and practices related to nutrition and food safety vicinity contributing to overall development of the nation


  • To develop generation of public health leaders in the nutrition and food safety sector by sharing all relevant information and by providing opportunities to involve in the nutrition and food safety activities

Departmental Objectives

  • To train MPH candidates to understand global trends in food production, processing, distribution, preparation and new challenges to food safety
  • To train MPH candidates to understand the existing public health nutritional problems and their interventions
  • To train MPH candidates for conducting research among Myanmar populations regarding Nutrition and Food Safety
  • To develop research areas related to Nutrition and Food Safety by collaborating with international or national agencies
  • To collaborate with community and government partners to improve health systems, programmes and policies related to Nutrition and Food Safety


I. Core Course
Food Safety
1. Food safety overview
2. Food Safety Control Systems
4. Principles of HACCP
5. Principles of Risk Analysis
1. Human Nutrition
2. Public Health Nutritional Problems
3. Nutritional Assessment and Screening
4. Nutritional Surveillance
5. Nutrition and Health through Life Cycle

  1. Nutritional Epidemiology
  2. Extra Credits
    Food Safety
    1. Food Safety Hazards: physical/chemical and microbiological
    2. Industry Visit

1. Nutritional Programs in Developing Countries
2. Planning and Management of Nutritional Programs
3. Principles of Public Health Nutrition

III. Elective Course
Food Safety
1. Quality Management Systems in Food Safety
2. Strengthening National Food Safety Control Systems: issues and challenges
3. International Food Safety: current scenario and way forward

1. Nutritional Biochemistry
2. Nutritional Epidemiology
3. Diet, Nutrition and Diseases
4. Nutrition and Food Security
5. Social and Cultural Aspects of Nutrition

Conducted Thesis Topics
(1)        Nutritional status of under five children in Nargis affected area, Yangon Division,

(2)        Nutritional status and dietary pattern among 12-14 years old students in Basic

Education Middle School, Mingaladon Township, 2009
(3)        Infant and young child feeding practices and nutritional status of children under 3

years of age in North Okkalapa Township, 2009
(4)        Hygienic practices of street-food vendors in Pabedan Township, Yangon, 2010
(5)        Worm infestation and nutritional status among primary school children in peri-urban

area of Hlaingtharya Township, 2010
(6)        Hygienic practices of workers in bottled drinking water factories in Northern district,

Yangon, 2010
(7)        Dietary intake and nutritional status of students aged 12-14 years at No. (4) Basic

Education High School, Ahlone Township, Yangon Region, 2012
(8)        Assessment of hygienic status of workers in food factories in Yangon region,2012
(9)        Knowledge, attitude and practice of food handlers on food sanitation among selected   basic education high schools in Yangon region, 2012